Stephanie Tudino –Gold Digging Cop Calling Cheating Floozy

Caution stay away this girl lives on men cant SATISFY a man uses men does drugs steals lies she will turn your life upside down she played her baby daddy for floozying meanwhile fighting for the kids she gave back to cash after fighting for a year to get em back during that time she Floozyed fell for one of her JOHNS NAMED CODY kicked me out to do phamasudical Speed with this GOOF and caught drds 2 months after baby daddy gone she call him and says you price of sht you gave me drd baby then fids out it’s the Cody GOOF from the Canadian Army dirty fuker .daddy moved to Niagara came back after settling in down there to come back to a sold Dodge Magnum tools sold and said she wanted thing back to normal only to call the cops on her baby daddy for more JOHNS everyday the turnover of men was 5 men a day fuking slut lost her kids thrue all of this due to her bullsht never has this bitch cooked for her man did laundry on a regular basis she’s dirty she always have yeast infections weekly she’s BIPOLAR MULTIPLE PERSONALITY HER OWN MOTHER ANNA put a crack pip to her mouth at 15 this chick is the worst by far craziest bitch I’ve ever know also she was in 4 different Asylums in Arizon that I found out 7 years later at the end of this SHITTY RELATIONSHIP IF YOU CALLED IT THAT GOOF BITCH.

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