Ethan Mark Cooper — Isn’t Who He Says He Is

this is “Ethan Mark Cooper” as he now calls himself. His name used to be Thomas Anthony Eisan. If you google his name in quotes you’ll find an article from the Halifax Gazette where they publish all name changes publicly and you’ll see he changed his name a few times to try and be near children. He was charged with possession of child pornography, numerous sexual assaults and sexually assaulted two minors one age 14 and the other age 16 when he was 20. He changed his name so many times he could have tried to start over, but every time, he seems to end up in a relationship or job where he is very closely interacting with kids and has minimal supervision. I met this man on the Whisper app. He seemed charming, although really pushy, he seduced me very quick despite having some pretty firm boundaries usually, he slithered his way in…. About a month into dating him I felt something was off so I googled his name and cane upon the huge rabbit hole that is his past. I read the court documents available online and learned the details of what he’d done. One of the people he molested cane forward with a victim impact statement that was just chilling to me, she said she knew that man her whole life and viewed him like an uncle and trusted him… He has maintained this double life since 2018 in Alberta. I confronted him and asked him “Would you ever have told me the truth?” And he said no. I’m putting this out here for any women with kids who he might try to seduce next. He’s got some serious psychological issues and anger issues. I had to carefully plan my escape before posting this, if you know him, please heed this warning.

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