RIssa Macdonald — Ghetto Trash Of Dartmouth Nova Scotia

So I dated this piece of trash when she was living in fairview I went to jail for awhile but she would send me letters and pictures saying how much she loved me while she was fuking every drug dealer that would throw her a piece of Crack. I have to admit shes a good lier very believable when she wants to be. She lies about taking care of her son but she gave up her son for drugs and me. She could of had him back but she wanted to be with me and not have the responsibility of having a child. I told her many times she shouldn’t miss her visitation but she said she didn’t want me to get high without while she was gone that’s how fuked up this b1tch is. And she stings along her baby daddy I really don’t understand how he puts up with this troll… she cheats on him all the time I wouldn’t fuk her and then she would run across the street to his apartment and fuk him without even showering so I hope he likes sloppy secondes so he would give her some benzos and gabbapentin. She loves judging everyone and blames her problems on everyone elses but she’s weak she’s only got a loud mouth. I would clean her apartment because the place was just trashed and she had her son living there at that point so I would clean up and help with him when she wpull pass out on the coach from the methadone I won’t lie we both smoked Crack I’m clean now not the point we would smoke Crack in the apartment and I was feeling bad because of her son beige there but It wasn’t long till they came knocking on the door to take him away from her and my word that same day they took him she was trying to sell everything and anything that she could of his for the money. She used me don’t fuk with this b1tch.

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