Shari Witherspoon — Teacher Gone Nasty

This English teacher is Shari Witherspoon. It’s doesn’t take much to get good grades with this whore. She’ll sleep with anyone that messages her on Facebook. She’ll have you come by and fuk her in her kids playhouse while her dementia-adled mother watches her kids in the house. Husband’s or boyfriends of her friends, Ffiends of whichever guy is buying her things lately she doesn’t care. She’ll have guys come up to her school and fuk her on her lunch break if she’s not already fuking the security, coaches, administration or just fuking herself with whatever she’s got handy. Her students got into her phone last year and posted sex videos of her and the principal of the school online. There’s at least 20 videos of her posted and she’s still doing the same sh1t. Between different baby daddies, the DRD and the drugs she’s the poster child for Teachers Gone Wild. If you’re kid goes to her high school he’ll probably get a shot at her too.

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