Morgan Laybolt (Snyder) — Junkie Cvm Dumpster

Morgan Laybolt (Snyder) — Junkie Cvm Dumpster. This thing right here is absolutely disgusting she lost her children to children’s aid because she is a whoreable mother who sells all her kids shit to buy drugs because she is a junkie whore she sleeps with every guy in nova Scotia if she hears they are into the drugs because she thinks it’s her free ride and believe they love her in reality it’s only the drugs. If anything she should be trying to become clean and fight for her kids but she don’t care about them she rather be a junkie and spread her legs to every victim she meets. She has had numerous drds and continues to pass them around. She likes to back stab and steal from all her friends as well no wonder no one likes her she is an absolute disgrace to women her children being taken away was the best thing that could ever happen for those children so they dont gotta see or hear her mom having a different guy in every couple days banging him for drugs. Fucking nasty junkie whore. Morgan do us all a favor and disappear NO ONE LIKES YOU you are junkie trash go clean your nasty vagina and brown teeth from the pipe.

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