Misty Davila — Closet Smoking Money Hungry

This woman works at McDonald’s she is near 40 years old doesn’t have her kids. Literally did her ex husband so dirty left him with nothing drained him of every cent. She acts like she is better than everyone and all her and her family do is sit around and gossip and talk sh1t on everyone else. She is very miserable and ugly ugly on the inside. Nothing will ever be enough for her. She don’t care about anyone else but her self. She is remarried to a wannabe ex gangster that claims he is northeast and he is from Wyandotte and the b1tch been sukin and fukin all her ex’s gets hi then claims to be a saint. She is a liar and a minupulator atleast if your gonna fuk your landlords make sure they take off your rent no she suks and fuks and still gets evicted. There is nothing womanly about her she don’t cook nor clean she is a money hungry claims she perfect puts on a good front. Beware of her.

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