Lisa Yates-Castro — Drd Having Dirty Leg Cvnt

This b1tch knows no limits!!!! She is dirty pu55y having skeez!!!! She will play like she is a great mother n woman when in reality the moment your not around; some other man will be!!! She has no limits to nastiness!!! If your fuking her watch for when she doesn’t shave her rotten pu55y!!! If it’s not shaved she is having a drd outbreak!!!! She is a whore a homewrecker n a child abuser!!! There is plenty of documentation to back all this up!!! She will make you feel like your the only one but once ymyour done with her she is already with a new man n less than a day. N if she’s living with you watch the block for creep in vehicles past your house or weird numbers on your caller id. She thinks she is SLICK but I’m putting her truth to light!!! Noone deserves to be used; lied to; cheated on; or GIVEN IRREVERSABLE DRDS!!!!!

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