Jerry McCoy — Narcissistic Jealous Jerry — Arkansas

Jerry McCoy Narcissistic Jealous Jerry Arkansas. Ladies, Beware of this loser. He’s on every dating site and will date any woman that is breathing. He calls his self an entrepreneur! He’s a con artist and will manipulate you into believing he is wealthy while trying to scam you of everything you have. He’s the brokest rich man I’ve ever met. Jerry will date numerous women from all across the state, even in TN and MO. He is a crook. He’s addicted to pain pills. He is the biggest liar and very convincing. Jerry is bisexual and desires to be with other men. He’s struggling with his sexual identity. He does some pretty shady stuff. Jerry targets really young girls who are naive and believes he is the Real McCoy or he targets old desperate women that he can use and steal from as much as possible. He is evil. If you have slept with this man, do not walk. Run to the Doctor as fast as possible.

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