Lindsay Macinnis — Run As Fast As You Possibly Can From This Drunk Narcissist

Lindsay Macinnis — Run As Fast As You Possibly Can From This Drunk Narcissist. Currently living in dartmouth but good chance she’s on a bus on her way to capebreton to herrass her “boyfriend” Rob kinny. Drinks everyday all hours. , pretends like her relationship is perfect on the off-chance that her “boyfrien”d is actually talking to her. Posting photos all happy (that he will not let her tag him in. and won’t have her on his Facebook). When they’re not talkin she’s breaking other people’s things. Like her boyfriends car window. Screaming on the phone at all hours of the morning to him or at her phone because he has blocked her on everything again. and then all the sudden she’s all dressed up pretty for photos on her Pol at 3am trying for more attention. Or she’s out cheating on him when she doesn’t get the attention she wants. And then when none of that works she will just hop on a bus and show up at his door forcing him to see her even tho he hasn’t spoken to her for weeks. . And don’t dare try to help her in any way because if it’s not what she wants to hear she will just drink more and blame you for it. Pretend that it’s her anxiety making her sick and unable to work when in reality she’s actually just hungover every single day. Leaves work early to go home and drink again . She is 150 thousand percent a narcissist. She only cares about herself. Doesn’t care how her manic behavior affects the other people in her building or her roommate. Doesn’t care how she treats people as long as she is doing what she needs to do to live her best life.

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