Cole Breen – Penile deformity and FuKs his Sister

This immature fuck has an OBSESSIVE compulsive disorder and will not let anything go in life, except his own father who left him and his family years ago and now he has a VERY VERY weird relationship with his mother and sister. Maybe it was the lack of a father figure, idk but all I know is that he adores his sister a lil too much and treats her as his own gf which is a different type of fucked up. Plus he has a big problem of letting go, he can’t and will continue to stalk you after a year has passed. This boy is manipulative and narssistic and obsessive compulsive..I think it may be something deeper, life has yet to tell what’s in for this one. Btw he has a penile deformity, and likes his sister walking in on him while he’s doing to dirty with his gf. Probably does his sister in the shadows… Looks like his dic was put on the opposite way, idk how it fits into a hole tbh.

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