Ryan Hurley Of Surf Apparel Brand Hurley

Ryan Hurley son of founder of the infamous Hurley brand and Creative Direct of Hurley brand until recent sell ( but allegedly lost his job prior to sell due to lascivious behavior) has been linked to numerous affairs in the orange county area with women and even co-workers who ” fight for womens rigths” HES A LIER AND THEIF AND CHEAT. Ryan Hurley will tell you he’s a changed man and working on becoming a better person. Going to the extent of coming clean with his wife, changing his phone number and getting help via therapy, ALL THE WHILE CONTINUING SEEING ONE WOMAN HES BEEN LINKED TOO FOR YEARS. Hidden numbers in his phone, tacking devices on his phone, meetings and close monitoring doesnt get in the way of him still seeing one woman hes known for over a decade. Aware of his behavior his family looks the other way as lives are destroyed and Ryan continues to be phony pillar of the community. NOT TO MENTION THE LOSS OF HIS JOB THAT WAS LINKED TO THE AFFAIRS ” that could be alleged, but Im sure if someone did some digging that would ring true” . Ever wonder why the Hurley family couldnt buy the brand back from NIKE? Most likly because they refused to be linked to the sell off to a sexual predator. More disturbing is his wife pointing fingers at the women hes been involved with calling on them to seek help. Ryan is a lier, cheat, womanizer, who needs serious help and so does the woman / women hes still linked too. Hope to see him and his wife back on instagram soon as Im sure people have questions.

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