Huge Employment Scam/Craigslist Kayle Larsen

Huge Employment Scam/Craigslist Kayle Larsen. There is a group of criminals using Craigslist to lure innocent unemployed victims into a huge financial scam. First you are hired online by Kayle Larsen a financial advisor who is looking for a personal assistant. He uses the email address: redacted}He reaches out to you about the job and offers you a weekly salary of 950 dollars and has you sign a job description via email. Kayle claims the job will be working mainly from home running errands. Red flag one- you never meet him in person as he claims he is out of town and will meet you in person after your first week, in which he will give you a company credit card to use for expenses such as booking plane tickets for him and the clients and paying merchants. He then states that he is testing your diligence and skills this first week and he sends you a large check from a seemingly legitimate company and asks you to cash it. After you have done so and you have the money in your possession he has you wire out the funds to his supposed clients and vendors using your bank and your debit card. He has you send out 3 or 4 large wire transfers then tries to send you another large check. Once he verifies via text message that you have completed the transfers out of your bank account using your debit card the large checks to you are cancelled and Kayle Larsen disappears and his clients have taken all the money. Your bank account is left drained!! He comes off a cordial and the job seems to pay well but don’t fall for the scam like I did. Luckily I kept part of the funds and contacted the police in an attempt to stop these crooks but they scammed me out of 3000 dollars that I wired and left my bank account with -7000 dollars. Please be aware of online scams and personal assistant jobs and never send money for anyone else!! Nice please post this and let’s hope the police catch the crooks behind this elaborate scheme.

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