Eva Corchado — 48 Year Old Fake Bootied Floozy

Eva Corchado 48 Year Old Fake Bootied Floozy. Watch out married women this dusty h0e goes around seeking out married men. Her whole purpose is for them to get her to pay her rent, car payments and lip fillers . She just got buttock augmentation 2 years ago. Although she’s a gym bunny her butt was flat as a pancake. She used her Autistic sons and daughters SSI checks to get her butt done! She has 6 kids by 3 different men! She likes to pretend she is Puerto Rican and tans weekly at salons to get Latino men to date her. She acts like Shenaenae from Martin ghetto af! Her daughter Sophia is a Porn actress! Eva target neighbors so if this slut lives in your neighborhood you better watch her.This b1tch gets fillers sometimes and looks like she has a baboons butt on her face! Other times when her lips deflate she draws them big with lip liner. She think its cool to fuk married men and use them for their money.

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