Bree-Anne Buhler — VAGINA PHARMACY DITCH PIG!!. Wow..look at kelowna’s walking vagina pharmacy,!! This chick’s had every hole pounded out so bad, she is now able to own and operate her own vagina pharmacy!!! This cunty little slut is willing to stick anything in any hole for her own personal gain…she is nothing but a baggy chasing, man stealing little meth head who has nothing going for her AT ALL!! Well except her new attempt at doing porn with her new lover “Shanks Big Deal” who isn’t a big deal at all, he just thinks he is… I’m not really too sure who is more hurting! All I know is they deserve eachother, cuz they both are low life, wanns-be gangster FALL DOWNS!! But back to the point! Ladies hide your men! Men hide ANYTHING YOU OWN, especially if it has wheels cuz she’ll be stealing it! This bitch has done more time in jail then zhe’s spent out…listen sweetheart, QUIT YOUR DAY JOB! cuz clearly it isn’t working out for you very well…maybe you could go floozy and actually get paid for once, rather then just letting any low life toss it in for free!

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