Amanda Bonin — Lier, Escort, Child Abuser

Amanda Bonin — Lier Escort Child Abuser. She has beat and lost her kids, sold her a55 for a year for money and does not work She’s drinks a lot and does a lot of drugs and been hanging with meth heads ahe used someone I know would not get a job he paid for booze, food , pot and smokes paid her way around and done all he could do for her to go and bash him on public media like he’s trashy yet it’s her family that hated her wanted nothing to do with her Her own kids hate her and don’t want her is why she’s not in the same province as her own kids she left them after beating the. Her oldest kid had to fight back to get away from her the best she she could do for work is McDonald’s and kept it 2 days I guess the guys hard earned money was Enought for her. She is very unstable saying her ex husband beat her and threw her out of a moving truck when it was her that got violent when drinking and blows your money on drugs she likes to get loud violent and abusive she. Drinking and got no proven spending your money and making you feel like no matter what you do your trash. Keeps posting adds about this guy who done nothing but help her love her and doen his best to provide for her even after all she did to him Yet he’s doing good and have a family and she’s still running drinking and doing drugs And uses whatever man she comes across She still homeless running from Blaise to house and province to province bc Manitoba Ontario and still going She should really open her eyes and see who the problem is. Beware she will steal cheat and lie lock up your personals keep your sh1t away from her and she’s a child abuser so be very very very careful with this one. She’s dealing with child protective services there keeping her kids away she’s a drunk and drug attic.

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