Karen Guevara-Urestic — Cheating Wife & Deceitful Manipulator

Karen Guevara-Urestic — Cheating Wife & Deceitful Manipulator. Cheating woman cheated on her husband of 3 years had an affair and got pregnant by another man her husband still wanted to stick it through smh lol what an idiot but then she got into another relationship claiming she was being beaten and kidnapped by the man and wanted help I advise u men to stay away from women like these they love abusive relationships and will set u up and lie to u tell u they are not seeing anyone and are the victim of an abusive ex when in reality they’ve been sleeping together the whole time. Now im all for standing up for women and whats right but it takes a real messed up person to claim someone is Abusing u and Raping u when in reality that is ur partner and ur just using that as a cover up for the other guy ur dating so he knows why you dont answer your phone. this woman will have many failed relationships and jus warning any dude out there not to fall for the single mom trick and ever even attempt to go to this womans house she still lives with her baby father and lies about. She would rather get into new relationships with people who dont know her because she can hide her shady past.

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