Chesli Belk — HOMEWRECKER Skank Chesli Belk From Shreveport LA

Chesli Belk — HOMEWRECKER Skank Chesli Belk From Shreveport LA. Shreveport, Louisiana- whore Chesli Belk is a clueless dumbA55 and a low life, white trailer trash whore who picks up and spirt screws married men. She frequently picks them up at random in the sleazy porn shop she works at on the way into the strip club; Deja Vu in Shreveport, LA. I know! Soooooo classy LOLOLO! Riiiiiggghht. Chesli Belk will not give a sh1t at all that your husband IS married for MANY years, and has a family so be warned that she is a degenerate UGLY skank to the highest degree. Laughable too since she tells everyone and posts on Facebook that she’s a lesbian and she looks like one. What a joke! YEAH THATS CLEARLY FAKE NEWS B1TCH!!! The REAL news is that even when she has proof that your man is in FACT married she will continue to whore and carry on a relationship with him. She is a home wrecking piece of sh1t who deserves to be exposed for the low rent, low class, er- no class hooker that she is. Get your own man and your own life Chesli Belk you dumb lowlife cheap poor sad whore!!!!! Don’t let this skank touch you, she’s in nursing school too, LOL WEAR A HAZMAT SUIT if you feel yourself getting suked in AND Line up if you are married since this dumb bitch will believe ANY line you tell her and eat up ANY lie you tell her!! Literally she is that stupid, she will listen to anything you say like it’s the gospel and keep fuking you! Be warned she’s pretty sh1tty since she has crones…. AND she smells since she very rarely showers, and she doesn’t like to go out much, get ready for the super boring horror movie reruns too HAHAHA!!! SAD!!! You can use her for a free place to stay, a free piece of a55, you won’t have to spend money, just tell her you love her and you’ll have a future, LOL maybe A baby, (even if you are sterile or fixed!) and say that you’ll marry her, all the while calling your wife 5 times a day, sending your wife cards, and sending all of your money right into your joint bank account to pay the family bills, oh and and seeing her (your wife) and fuking her a bunch of times a week too when that dumba55 slut Chesli Belk thinks you’re away someplace at work. You are the biggest, dumbest, scumbag AND ILLITERATE IDIOT on earth CHESLI BELK!!!! YES! She really IS THAT STUPID!!!! Yes, ALL THE STEREOTYPICAL CRAP THAT married men say to any cheap piece of a55, and they don’t leave their wives! Anyway, you can go ahead and use her for a free fuk too until you get a better job and can move away again. If you find yourself in SHREVEPORT, Stop on by the DEJA VU porn shop in SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA and see SKANK CHESLI BELK!!! Oh and go buy her some lunch and I heard that she’ll fuk you on the very first day too!!! OH whatever you want, she’s DTF Tell her lies, lies,lies lies…. because she enjoys that game. FUK YOU CHESLI BELK. YOU DESERVE TO GET OUTED FOR THE SAD SKANK HOME-WRECKER THAT YOU ARE. YEAH, ITS KARMA YOU STUPID UGLY LOSER B1TCH!!!!!

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