Chelsea Raeanne Pregnant And Engaged Looking For Her Next Sugar Daddy

Chelsea Raeanne Pregnant And Engaged Looking For Her Next Sugar Daddy. If you looked up the definition of manipulator you’d find her name right under it. Chelsea will play any game she can to rope you in and take you for one hell of a ride. She’s the fakest b1tch you’ll find. Must be nice to send nudes to guys for money and drugs. Meanwhile get whatever she can for tattoos, Tits and lyposuction, Botox, nails and crap she needs next. She will either sleep with you or tell you things to make her look like a decent person yet Claims to be a single helpless mom of 4 kids now but has no problem bragging about how much she spends. She will get pregnant instantly the moment you start noticing her mood swings. She has a bad temper and bad anxiety. Her kids need a better mom. Sorry sweetheart but you can’t make THAT much working at the local bar and now a “law firm” cleaning toilets. There are more unfortunate people out there that deserve the habitat humanity house you got. She’ll rope you in, steal your money and then go stage 10 crazy on you, steal all your sh1t and not give it to you unless she shows up at your house half naked to beg for you back. Wanna know what really gets her going? Knowing none of her “baby daddies” actually like her. She’s constantly taking them to court for more money. She’s a mental case manipulating b1tch and will turn on you the second she can. How pathetic do you have to be to sell you fake body to total strangers just to get money. Get a real job and be an adult you have 3 girls and now “boy” who are looking up to you and your teaching them it’s ok to disrespect yourself. Actually work for what you want cause you sure as hell don’t have a problem sending nudes for $. Stop making it look like you’re a doctor or a “lawyer” now. You need help and all those drugs you do will catch up to you. It’s beyond us how you haven’t been caught for all the fraud you do. All the claims you make to the government will catch up too you. I wonder how many cases you have open and started with the cops for how many guys you have pissed off or reports for getting money from the government. Poor poor you and your single mom life that you cry to everyone about. For that kid who you say the dad paid you to be quiet about and it’s a secret you sure tell a lot of people about it. Not such a secret when EVERYONE knows about. Your a selfish human being and as fake as your body which will be a regret once you have this kid. Have you thought about what all that surgery will look like after this kid? LOL. what a waste of someone’s money since You didn’t pay for it. Can’t wait to your well drys up and it all catches up to you how much you’ve taken people for advantage and manipulated every system possible. There are people out there who deserve children and the life you abuse and yet you feel you deserve it all but have done nothing to earn it. I’m sure your children are with your mom this moment and your screwing some guy or taking pregnant pictures for some guy. She will screw you over first chance she can. Don’t fall for her pity cries. This is a sign to get some help girl. You’ve got 4 kids to look after and your mom isn’t gunna always be there to save you. Stop beating on your kids and actually look after them. Maybe take care of them more then yourself for once. No one is gunna want a single mom of 4. You look like an old hag high on pepsi. She’s apparently engaged and 6 months pregnant. So I’d be surprised if she ended up in court trying to rope whatever money she can with this new baby daddy. No one wants someone with 3+ baby daddies hunny.

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