Candy Simmons Aka Brianna Miles Vegas Gold Digger

Candy Simmons Aka Brianna Miles Vegas Gold Digger. Let me introduce you to Candy Simmons or Brianna Miles or whatever she goes by. This dirty b1tch will sleep with anyone. She is filled with drds but refuses to tell the men she sleeps with that she has anything. You can catch a clip of her arbys pu55 on p0rnhub under the name Candi Rose. Once she is done sleeping with your boyfriend she will give them her only fans link. She will do anything to get some drinks and some pepsi in her. She loves lying about her age and her mom will even help her so she can sleep with older men. She will wait until you’re asleep to fuk your husband, she will claim she never met your husband after she fuks him. She gets beat up all the time because she cant keep her hands off taken men and then plays victim. She also has small children that she leaves with WHOEVER. Horrible mother.. Stay away from her shes a manipulative whore and will give you something. I would call her the dover bicycle but that doesn’t even cut it shes slept with everyone in the city. you can find her at cowboys or in her moms basement getting raw dogged by different men.

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