Valentina Urbanek Of Boston

Nik, Valentina Urbanek‘s a philosophy teacher and let me tell you…she spends her whole class demoralizing her students and explaining why it’s ok to steal a kidney or for someone’s dad to have sex with his daughter. She looks like a witch and needs a nose job bad! She’s neurotic too…comes into class complaining about her no one cares, lady.

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  1. This post doesn’t do this professor any justice. Taking a class with Dr. Valentina Urbanek could be the worst decision you ever make. Make no mistake that this woman is brilliant, motivated, and has immense power in any organization she’s in; she’s an MIT PHD and social justice warrior, and neither of these things are pejoratives, but both are explanatory with regards to her immoral, disturbing, terrifying, and highly damaging behavior. Valentina Urbanek destroys students’ lives at an apparent whim. She accuses students of stalking her, or other students, and is highly effective at destroying the social or legal standing of anyone she dislikes. An MIT PHD would be expected to be sympathetic to Dr. Noam Chomsky and ideals of freedom of expression, but to talk about Valentina Urbanek after her class will result in powerful retaliation. gets decade long advisors at schools fired if they do anything to contradict her. This woman abuses her authority any way she can to enact her “ethics”. She interjects herself into the personal lives of her students if she has opportunity to damage them, as outrageous and absurd as that sounds, and does so with total immunity; Her rate my professor 2.5/5 says nothing of how dangerous and sick this person is. I personally lost s relationship of immense important to me while in her class, in part because of her, and when the woman I was seeing admitted some level of uncertainty regarding her connection with me (to a fellow student), she openly said “a good decision”, and smiled at me. This is the type of person that an unlucky individual should be unfortunate to run into if they were some sort of gang member, not if they happen to take her class at an accredited university. This woman is the perfect representation of UMass Boston and everything wrong with academia. I’d say that “Predatorlist” is the perfect place for such a person if prison didn’t exist. The fact that someone like this could earn a PHD based upon their intelligence and in spite of their character is the ultimate condemnation of higher education. I encourage any victims of this woman to come forward and post here. When I took a class of hers another student came forward to me early on and offered to advocate for me against her and I, in my weakness, declined, only to lose that opportunity later in the class as she continued to enact herself against me. Please do not make the mistake I made. When I brought up some of my experiences with this person to another PHD in a future class, I was simply told, “we have been colleagues for a very long time”. In response to the professor who told me that: it is the responsibility of intellectuals, of ethically inclined people, and of anyone who despises predators, to do what they can to expose them, and if you are reading this, you are likely one such person. I encourage you to reach out with any experiences related to this dangerous woman to [email protected], and to be very careful saying anything about this person to anyone at your university, because she is genuinely very dangerous and will use whatever power she has to damage you and and your prospects, whether those be intellectual, romantic, work related, or other. Take action, but please be safe. This is one of the most dangerous and vindictive people you will ever meet. In the words of a kind woman in my class who never said a word against anyone, “Oh GOD I said the wrong thing.” Be safe but don’t be afraid, because if we don’t stand up against psychopaths, no one will.

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