Robin Jasinski — Robin Batshit Crazy!

i live in Pennsylvania. Meet Miss.Robin Jasinski. SO IT’S ABOUT TIME SHE FINALLY GOT PUT ON FULLY BLAST ON YOUR SITE. She’s one of the creepiest sociopaths on thedirty & that I know of. she’s extremely batsh1t insane ‘, obsessed with teddy bears & severe Bipolar. There’s no hope left’ for this woman, she goes through great lengths to get into your business, makes a big deal over little things. So Who’s Robin Jasinski? she’s a disturbing coward that sits behind via facebook/thedirty that’s who. She’s a liar who is always accusing or finger-pointing people for her undoings. This lady is hilarious. Robin is a Danger to Herself and Others . she’s an absolute embarrassment to society. Robin is also a troll. And Not only is she a Cyber Stalker But she is a troll herself She is a pathological liar with serious mental illness, and a huge need for attention. She also has sock puppets & multiple personalities. She needs to be committed to Danville State Hospital until all of her alters are fused into one So what do you think all about this Nik?

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