Kevin Fletcher — Kitcheners Finest

Kevin Fletcher Kitcheners Finest. Where do I begin? This guy is a straight up crack head he will stick his d1ck in a wet dog to get a hit. Him and his crackwhore girlfriend Lisa are scvm on earth the sh1t stuck to your cat’s a55 they walk around like they are the shit stealing from anyone and everyone to get a fix. Kevin lives in his mom’s one bedroom apartment on her couch he is 34 years old and he still lives with his sick mother he steals from her and lies this poor woman oh lord! Kevin will look for woman 10- 15 years younger than him and he will smoke crack in there home he doesn’t give a fuk. He calls woman fat cvnts after he doesn’t get what he wants from them and he tells little kids to fuk off. Throw this man to the fuking curb!! He’s trash. Watch out he will Rob you in your sleep and take off before you even notice!

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