Dawn Millington Daniels — Watch Out For This Crazy Beyond Anything

Dawn Millington Daniels — Watch Out For This Crazy Beyond Anything. This women is beyond crazy. She has no friends or much of a life so she becomes obsessed with others lives. Shes on and off again with her bf that cant even handle her but uses her for her money and car because he has no job and is a alcoholic and she stays because let’s admit it when you have no friends and your fat and a psycho nobody else wants you. Shes possessive to the point where if you have kids your ex will be her target. Your kids she will hate and will treat them like crap. You ask why she has no friends because shes all drama. She will stalk you and expects if shes buying you clothes and other things your her property. She is two faced…one minute shes your friend the next well u better watch out. This is not someone you want in your life. So beware.

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