Mike Grawberger — No Teeth Bottom Feeder

Mike Grawberger claims to be loaded, with cash that is. He isn’t loaded just his lies are. His parents work hard, have full custody of his 4 kids & run a family business. That’s where he claims to have an unlimited amount of money. Riding on the coat tails of his parents, I’d say scvm bag. He is bisexual, but will not admit he loves suking c0ck & being a top. He has DRD’s & will deny he does. That is a total scvm bag! For 3 years he has been in a relationship, claims he is not, maintains relationships with other girls, makes false statements about his girlfriend (ex) that she is crazy, won’t leave or is obsessed with him. He is the type of guy who will make a dirty mess but too lazy & arrogant to clean it up, drop names to save his own a55, brag about the girls he has had in his truck, car, home & doesn’t have any shame returning to his girlfriend (ex) begging to have sex prior to suking c0ck or pounding his dirty infested d1ck in whatever holes. He is capable of anything, no boundaries for this bottom feeder. He has also claimed to have slept with his girlfriends (ex) daughter as well, doesn’t he sound like a real Romeo!? More than a scvm bag. He’s desperate for attention, desperate to get laid, you can find his profile on POF, Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Zooks, Localhookups, Locanto, Asian Brides, Meetme, way too many to list. He you can also find him on his back in a muddle of sweat jerking off begging for attention & with his other hand trying to find hookups, he’s pretty talented. He will run roads, drive the distance, spend his parents money & claim to be a good ol’ honest guy, always there to help you out. But what he doesn’t do is take care of his kids, pay his own bills, won’t pay his rent, won’t pay his web cam girls bills his parents provide for him & his 4 kids that you never see him with. He drives a used BMW that too he didn’t pay for or the monthly bill along with his Big red rocket truck, comfortably fits his big fat a55 & two or 3 other small people. He’s living the DRD dream! Check out his Facebook profile, he’s a widow so he says, pay attention to that too! Ever see a guy with no front teeth go down on you? This sloppy Joe can only make fish lips must be why he loves the c0ck. That’s all folks! Mike The Dirty Bottom No Front Teeth whore.

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