Trillselda Blanco — Runaway Mom

Trillselda Blanco — Runaway Mom. “I have custody of all my kids I ain’t like y’all.” When… have any of y’all heard any kids in the background of her “rant” videos? When have you seen any kids apart from once in a blue moon when she does take the time to see them kids? She has custody. Legal. Not physical. There’s a difference boo. What kind of single mom of three kids with three different baby daddies gets to go to Colombia for weeks to get their body did? We ain’t hating honey, we just exposing. Just cause you’ve got all them kids names tatted on you don’t mean sh1111111tttt. You’re nowhere near as great as a mother as you swear you are. All you do is birth them kids and run. Stop investing all this money on your “baaaaawddyyy” and changing your hair every four days. Be a mother and start investing in a nanny. These kids need their mother. You’re not getting any younger your stripper days are near over. Who’s going to take care of you in old age? Those kids sure as hell ain’t. Leave the weed alone, enough with the plastic surgery, enough with the flying to and from Atlanta and RAISE THOSE KIDS. If being a stripper doesn’t allow you to raise the kids as you should… find a job fit for a mother. Those are your kids. Not your parents kids, not your aunts kids, not your friends kids. You wanted to spread your legs so bad never bothered to take some damn birth control and now that you’ve got kids all you do is run. Face it “TrIlLsElDa” you abandoned all three of those kids. Three little girls are growing up wondering why their mother didn’t love them enough to be around. Stop with the excuses, you don’t have eternal one year olds. These kids are bound to know what a piece of sh1t you are. Step it the fuk up.

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