Deitrea Holtz — Neglectful Piece Of Work

Oh god where can you even start with one like this . Men and Woman beware of this tottal PICK ME woman . She uses and abuses every one in her life. She will lie to her family and friends just to see how much of her bills and drugs/alcohol they will provide her . Her two children are constantly going with out food and diapers just so she can get drunk and smoke her cigarettes and weed. But don’t worry she says she’s such a loyal friend and partner mean while she will message her ex Boyfriends and talk about them constantly in front of litterally anyone just ask her about them I guarantee she will still have really good things to say if you know what I mean . Then when you try to be a friend and help her she will show you that you can’t even trust her because of her complete lack of respect not to flirt and throw her self at your boyfriend to the point he can’t stand being around her any more.

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