Tomas Szumylo — Liar, Cheater, People User!

This boy will promise honesty, then lie through his teeth. Some lies he likes to tell: 1. he owns the house he lives in, and rents out rooms(he leases with the female roommate) 2. He is single(while actually dating one girl) 3. Each girl he talks to he tells is “the only girl he is comfortable being sexual with after his last relationship ” 4. He is “fixed” and never wants kids, and thinks single moms are disgusting… at least when talking to a woman who doesnt want kids, but he is actually dating a woman with 3 kids 5. He basically runs the company he works for, while his boss is lazy or out of the office with a girlfriend. 6. He got hit, or almost hit, or narrowly avoided being hit, by a car on bike ride home from work almost every week. 7. If 2 of his female “friends” gave an occasion to meet and he is aware before hand, he will tell them both not to talk about him to eachother for various reasons, but really it is cuz he is lying to both of them. And let’s not forget all the awful things he says about his roommate and longest friend, how she uses him and makes him pay for everything, and treats him like she owns him, and how she would be screwed if it wasnt for him, when in reality, the opposite is true, I dont know why she forgives you! These are all lies he has told me directly that have been proven to be lies. He will take and take and take anything you give, from rides, to weed, to food and drink, to sex, while being told there are conditions attached to these things, but when it comes time for him to hold up his end of the agreement it is all lies and excuses as to why he can’t, no matter what it is he is being asked for. When asked about his friend Kailey, he said she was in an abusive relationship and she finally left her husband but could never be more then just a friend because shes a single mom, and he(Tomas) is repulsed by women with kids. Kailey, if you see this, you deserve better. You started dating in august 2019, in november it was discovered by one of the other women and you were told about the other women, but decided to ignore the girl, and in feb 2020 he still would not admit you guys were actually dating. That’s when he finally stopped talking to me because I kept reminding him how sh1tty it is to lie, especially lie to, and about, someone you claim to love! Wasnt trying to hurt you by telling you the truth Kailey, I was trying to warn you what kind of “man” you were getting in with. I’m sorry he convinced you otherwise, but he kept lying, and I have heard from people that he has been known to cheat in the past and manages to get away with it. You truely do deserve way better then that Kailey. He didnt change just because he was caught. He is a compulsive liar, lies with no real reason other then making himself seem better then he is.

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