Kyra Dawson — Biggest Backstabbing Catfish

Kyra Dawson — Biggest Backstabbing Catfish. Watch out Kelowna and Grandforks for this nasty slut right here. She thinks she’s top sh1t when in reality she almost failed every single college class she was in. She uses so many filters and doesn’t post full body pictures on tinder so her tinder matches are surprised when she shows up and is over 200 lbs. She cakes on make up that doesn’t match her skin tone to hide all of her acne and wears clothes that barely fit her. If you disagree with any of her opinions she won’t hesitate to tell you how wrong and stupid you are. She claims she’s allergic to condoms and fakes being pregnant to trap guys into staying with her for more than a week. She thinks she’s in a relationship with every single guy she talks to and gets mad when they don’t want her. She is also the fakest friend and will talk about every single one of her “friends” behind their back to anyone that’ll listen. She is the biggest b1tch I’ve ever met and should stop getting away with all of this.

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