Kayleigh Topp — Kelownas Lord And Savior Kayleigh Topp

Kayleigh Topp — Kelownas Lord And Savior Kayleigh Topp. Kelowna favorite crackhead back at it again! This Gollum resembling creature can be found: downtown, boosting things from the mall, on hein road or at any bus stop in Rutland. Kayleigh’s hobbies are : stealing people’s cats, beefing peoples unborn babies, stealing whatever she can get her hands on, hanging out with 14 year olds, threatening to fight you then not showing up, and of course her favorite is threatening to call the cops on you. Oh and probably crack as well. Don’t be fooled by her childish looks, Kayleigh is 20. No job. No license. No high school diploma. No dignity. She likes to start drama with everyone she can. She is actually just known for being a joke in kelowna. She thinks she’s better then everyone and above the law. Let’s be honest Kayleigh. Nobody gives a fuk about you and your problems that you cause for YOURSELF. Nobody will feel sorry for you because of your sh1tty attitude and the way you treat and take advantage of people. I feel so sorry for this baskets cases father, who seems like he has just given up on trying to help her. She needs some serious mental help and also rehab.

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