Justin Twan — Women Abuser

This guy is a real low life scvm bag. The old gross dog crap on the bottom of your shoe. He abuses women physically and mentally, and laughs about it. He will be nice to your face then once you turn your back he’ll stab ya. He’s a rat, Justin has no issue calling the police on you, for anything. If he thinks it’s his gain he will. He sells drugs out of his house but when he gets nervous he moves it all till he feels safe. He also likes to threaten you with ( oh I know this person) so ya watch out. He will try to destroy your life or anyone’s for what ever sick and twisted things he thinks of or wants. He also like to , (well thinks he is) play head games so he can get what he wants. Oh and don’t forget if you do something wrong, best advice is run.So to all the ladies out there don’t talk ,trust or go near this scvm of a dirtbag. And men he will screw you to.

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