Jennifer May Gustavsson Preggo Wannabe Thug Rat Goof

This chick went crazy about a year ago and kept posting false slander with her friends online, about my friend. Whose a mom. And an amazing one at that. Just because she was obviously threatened by the fact she’s still as tight as she is with their baby daddy. You had every reason to be threatened since your relationship? Was such a joke? It was purely based off jesse trying to bother sam and sari. He was still sleeping with Sari the whole time, even! You wondered why he wasn’t ever sleeping with you? That’s funny. Sari didn’t seem to have any trouble getting him to. In fact? He seems to always be running back to her. He’s never really left her. This whole time. Even when he was with Sam. It’s always been Sari. You’re so obsessed with the guy like you think you’ll never get any better probably. He doesn’t even want you having his baby and yet here you are keeping it, probably so you can entrap dude into child support payments. If it’s even his. Just because you clearly want his money and all his stuff so badly. It’s that obvious. You’ve been carried your whole life and you just want to stay carried. Privileged little wannabe thug. You think you’re so tough and all that? You and your friends are still children. Trying so hard to involve yourselves amongst adults and adult situations. You had no right involving yourself to begin with. You took advantage of a mentally ill man with money and cool stuff. That’s literally all it is. And you played the part of a thug until you full on ratted. Had him arrested. And made him lose a lot of money. You’re still doing drugs and smoking while pregnant. You’re hopping from one meth head to a crack head to another between Calgary and Kelowna. You think you’re so hott. But you look like a dog. Or a horse. Or a combination or something. Idk. But it’s weird. You kind of look like Jesse’s mom sometimes. Which is even weirder. You talking so much online like you have any place here? You really don’t. None of us really care what you have to say. You’re not even a threat. You’re nobody. You’re only considered anybody because of who your adoptive parents are. And that’s not even in the same worlds. You’re so fake. You don’t even realize who you are. You’re trying too hard to be something you’re not. You and all your little wannabe goof friends. You can think you have a chance with Jesse still all you want. You can try to act like you’re above anyone all you want. But that’s Sari’s man. And he will never be yours. Reality check. Shut your mouth ho

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