Dillon Sams Aka Dylyn Eden K Towns Town’s Finest

Dillon Sams Aka Dylyn Eden K Towns Town’s Finest .Ok well first of all this guy treats his girl friends like SH1T he uses them. Abuses them mentally knockes them up and after they have there babies he will deny that its his and the poor kids never see him again cuz hes to busy couch surfing and barely scraping by .. he cant even sell dope cuz hes to fukin stupid ! He brags about all this sh1t hes done but really hes just a tag along. 2 of his buddies have already went to jail cuz he cant keep his mouth shut . He leaves his poor dog loki with any junkie that he can find.. and when he dosnt come back to get him for weeks at a time he leaves it up to whatever junkie that has the dog to go out and buy him dog food otther wise hed starve.. this loser treats everyone around him like garbage and hes got a wicked temper get your head outta your a55 buddie and start paying child support ide say put in some effort and get to know all your kids but the truth is there WAY BETTER OFF NOT HAVING A CLUE WHO YOU ARE .. he drives around k town fucked up outta his tree with no lisence and no insurance getting into hit and runs all the time cuz he cant drive worth sh1t! Dillon 911 is all hes good for !! Do us all a favor you goof rat and just jump off the bridge

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