Colton Dickinson — Lying, Cheating, Narcissistic Slimeball

Colton Dickinson — Lying Cheating Narcissistic Slimeball. This piece of gutter trash is the biggest slimebag I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. He lies to everyone he meets, steals money from his friends and family, cant get his facts straight and has cheated on several girlfriends. He thinks he’s gods gift to women and the world but in fact he’s nothing but a stuttering coward who happens to be dumber than a bag of hammers. Sorry, thats an insult to hammers because at least they have a use. He cant hold down a job or a place to live because every time he gets a new job, he gets hurt on the job and gets fired or quits. His friends tried to help him and he got pissed off and threw them away like yesterday’s garbage. Long story short, he’s not someone that anyone should associate with or get into a relationship with. Kelowna and surrounding area be warned!

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