Svetlana Shapoval — Is Nothing But A Con Artist

Nik, Svetlana Shapoval has already been posted on here for her horrible con artist and nasty scamming ways which got her insanely upset with finally being exposed to all the general public to warn everyone to stay far far away from this sick money hungry person. Don’t let her innocent looks fool you, because she is really a very sick calculating Monster that destroys people!! She goes by several fake names to avoid people finding out about her criminal activity and conning ways by trying to trick Google search results which her real name is Svetlana Shapoval aka Lana Shap aka Svetlana Shap aka Lana LA aka Lana Investor aka Lana Shapoval and many many others crazy fake names. WARNING!!!! WARNING to all men and women and employers of the United States and World to stay far far away from this crazy Scam Con Artist!!!! Her fake English school is total bulls*it and fraud.

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