Ex-Laker Play Lamar Odom Public Relation Rep Eve Sarkisyan–Nunn Is Being Investigate For Fraud And Suppli

Public Relation Rep Eve Sarkisyan–Nunn who has been working with Lamar Odom for 10 years, is being investigated by the LAPD for writing bad checks and stealing money from clients and using the funds to live a lavish lifestyle and supplying drugs to famous client like Ex-NBA Player Lamar Odom. Eve and Greg have been infiltrating the Hollywood seen for years by claiming they represented clients that they really did not, in order to get new clients. Once they took on these new clients (who were smaller clients and were not part of the Hollywood seen) they would then use the new client’s money to pay the rent on a $1.6 million home they are renting in Tarzana. In addition, when one of their big clients like Lamar needed drugs at 2am it would be Eve and/or Greg that would go and purchase the drugs using the clients’ money and then deliver it to Lamar. Eve and Greg are being investigated for defrauding over $500,000 and writing another $100,000 in bad checks.

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