Kathryn Patricia Manly — The MAN Who Destroys Lives For Fun

Kathryn Patricia Manly is a horrible, ,treacherous, horrendous, manipulative, loser. whore, whore, evil, satanic, user, FAKE, DESTRUCTIVE, LIFE RUINER. And those are only a few things to even begin to describe this satanic freak. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALLL PEOPLE WHO MAY ACCIDENTALLY FALL FOR HER HER B.S. She is a sugar baby floozy. She flies around the world cashing fradulent checks and accepting any amount of money from random black men and men over the age of 80 and screws them for money and then screws them over and attempts to ruin innocent peoples lives who try to help her. She manipulates them by saying she will kill herself if they don’t help her. She is a walking demon hobo with not a cent to her name unless she cashes fake checks she wrote herself. SHE IS A THEIF AND A CLEPTO. She will steal whatever is in sight and is now homeless in LA. Someone please call her mother and get her the f out of this state.

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