Adriana Guzman — Pacoima Hoodrat Loves Married Men

This ghetto tramp is 34 years old with 2 kids and likes to get involved with married men who have families with children involved. She works for Sierra Credit Corp as a legal secretary in Chatsworth, CA. Attends Pasadena City College and preys on married men there by lying about needing their number for help. She calls off work to meet your husband at a Jack in the Box and then throws herself at him. Meets husbands in public parks and then proceeds to give hand jobs in the car in front of a playground full of kids. She also has affairs with her CLIENT’s husbands. That’s right. If you have an account with Sierra credit Corp watch out. She sends dirty nasty pictures with her nipples hanging out just a week after texting your husband. Sits there and says nasty things in Spanish and tries to get your husband to leave his wife and family for her. She gets around and has no self respect or morals. And when you confront her all she does is lie even when you have the evidence. She’s dirty and positive for DRDs. She will throw herself at whoever pays attention. And when your husband ends it with her she will crawl back days later crying about how hurt she is that he wouldn’t leave his wife for her when he made that perfectly clear in the beginning. Hunny you’re a side piece, a back up, and a dirty secret. That’s all you ever were. Stop going after married men and maybe you’d find a man you can keep. Don’t hire this piece of trash unless you want her being a homewrecker to your customers and clients.

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