Rose Simoni — Sloozy Human Resources Advisor

Meet this woman named Rose Simoni a.k.a Rose DiMatteo. She is Human Resources advisor at Maple Leaf Foods Hamilton. She is making good money but she is always hungry for more money. I was working through temp agency and when I got hired as direct hire. She wanted me to pay her $ 1 for every hour worked. I paid her for 2 years. All the people who were hired were paying her. She said she was sharing that with Patricia Ricci and Yvonne Post. Every time, we refused to pay she threatened to fire us. She is married but have relationship with other man because she could not a baby from her husband. She has made quite a reputation of her within the employees and like to blackmail guys to get money. She has one employee Tammy Faguy aka Tammy Walsh convincing guys to give her money or loose job. She is a home wrecker.

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