Joshua Ratelle — Rat And Tell Ft. The Moron

Joshua Ratelle — Rat And Tell Ft. The Moron. Okay everyone, we have two of Hamilton’s dirtiest lowlifes that are going to be exposed. Firstly, we have Joshua Ratelle; or shall we just say “rat and tell” this wannabe tough guy is nothing but a snitch and runs his mouth but can’t back it up. He’s scared of his possum looking girlfriend, not sure if it’s because his d1cks the size of a tictac or what. Anyways, he’s been fuking some chick named Cassandra for a bit now thinking that no one knows. EVERYONE knows dude, it’s a slight upgrade from the Moron anyways. I mean probably the best you can get. Just saying. This douche is one of the ones who sat on their a** collecting CERB during Covid bragging about how he has “money”. No you’re still a welfare bum and always will be. Secondly, we have here Amie Morin. I swear if d**ks could fly her pu55y would be an airport. She’s been off sleeping with a bunch of the homeless men on Ferguson street in downtown Hamilton. Again, EVERYONE knows what you’re up to sweetheart. How about you wash your twat, being in the same room as you is pretty bad girl. If you need some tips on cleaning yourself, google exists. You wear the same clothes for weeks on end. I can’t decide if you look like a possum that’s been run over 4 times and then chewed on or the damn crypt keeper. Regardless, you’re not hot and you’re not going to get any decent man looking and smelling the way you do. You’d think after popping out 10 kids and not allowed to be near any of them, you’d stop spreading your legs. But I guess the homeless men are enjoying the action even if it’s from you. Anyways, just some facts about this “wonderful” couple. Cheers; Chuck Norris.

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