He’s Ekstremely Into Little Girls: Luring Girls And Women — Chris Ekstrom

He’s Ekstremely Into Little Girls: Luring Girls And Women Chris Ekstrom. No gossip just sick fact. Chris Ekstrom is already on this site Nov 2017 for being a deadbeat here. Here’s the latest on mutt. Chris Maury Gary Ekstrom is 32 and from Hampton New Brunswick, lives in Sussex. Rumor has it he is headed to Alberta and with good reason. This piece of sh*t was disappointed when he went to meet a young girl online and was busted my Creep Catchers Canada. He spent $60 to taxi at 3am to meet a 15 year old child to “smoke a joint” and “cuddle”. He claims to have not touched a girl in over a year HA. He has a trail of broken hearted and confused women. He moved to Sussex in January after his girlfriend broke up with him. A week later her was hooking up with his neighbor LMFAO. He even raped a girl in his own family. He’s a good liar had me fooled. Sick creep is still out there and probably still at it. Someone’s got to stop him from luring women and girls. Spread the word Nik this creep needs to be caught.

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  1. Wow! Chris gave me the creeps!! Guy randomly added me on Facebook from fake account, said we met before and he wanted to marry me and move in with me a week later!? Luv bombing fake romance scam man- sure he homeless, smell like it! Tells me he not been with a women in over a year! I find weird messages on his phone, he deleted and said only Britt he know is his sister- still dont believe him!! I dumped his nasty @ss last month. He telling me he got screwed on his pay cause of covid and needed cash or a place to crash. I called his employer and they never heard of him!? After I kicked him out he would park outside my place for hours!? Totally creeper!!!!

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