Jeffrey Micheal — Dirty Lying Meth Addict

This guy posted me up on here and couldn’t even spell my name right but claims to be in love with me . What he says doesn’t even make sense and needs to learn how to put a proper sentence together . The picture he used he stole from a phone I gave him when he didn’t have one and I trusted him to factory reset it . I’ve told him over and over again that I don’t like him and got upset when I got with someone and it wasn’t him .He’s so immature that to get back at me he posted some bullshit lies up here about me . He is so disgusting and dirty doesn’t shower for weeks . He spends his time smoking meth and stealing bikes for his habit . He’s also homeless but yet has no desire to grow up and get a job he rather be a creep sending unwanted d1ck pics of his small d1ck to try get with girls.

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