Dana Jacobson — Of Winnipeg

Dana Jacobson Of Winnipeg.Dana Jacobson is a low life scvm bag cvm dumpster. She is the biggest liar in all of Winnipeg Manitoba and is a cheating whore. She’ll spread her legs for anyone who gives her attention and then blame it on alcohol/medication. She has slept with her coworkers at BELL MTS market managing network and she’s married to a male named Adam. She is disgusting. She also has a crush on her son she won’t admit but talks about how she’s had dreams of having sex with him when hed never do that. Her son Austin Balan is also a man whore though. Like mother like son. Dana has said she knows her son has a nice big d1ck like come on Dana, who talks about their child that way? Maybe giving birth at 13 was the wrong idea. Dana Jacobson isn’t as good as she portrays, she lives in her moms house still. This hoe doesn’t even got food in her fridge either. Shes nothing but a bag of bones and it’s clear she’s starving from lack of nutrition. This tramp needs to be put on blast for all the disgusting sh1tty things she’s doing!

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