Wigg Dawson — Chronic Liar And Mass Manipulator

I never would’ve thought that I’d finally be in a relationship after the ex Craig the pathological liar. I’m not a bitter person. I dated him over the years on and off for a little over 5. I admit I went back time after time only to end up lied to, cheated on, depressed. In my 40 years I’ve never met another human being that can live double and triple lives, lie so frequently, discard friends, family, employment so much. He verbally abused me daily, beat me down to nothing, often he would take off on me and leave for nights and tell me he was at a friends or family. They all enabled his behavior. He would treat me like gold in front of others but behind closed doors was awful. I couldn’t believe what my life had become with this man. He was so evil I couldn’t take the lies, betrayal, lack of emotion. It became to much so I left. I know that hurt his large ego because he still harasses me today with texts and emails love bombing me, begging for me to give him one more shot, telling me how much he misses me. Never Again! I always thought he was the one for me (I was brainwashed). He would also tell me that I would never find someone to deal with my shit. He told me I could be prettier and he’d appreciate me more. I couldn’t believe I wanted this person to be the father of my child. This new guy is really good to me, makes me feel like a princess and adores my friends and family. My friends and family really like him too!! His family loves me and they love seeing us together! He’s not abusive, doesn’t yell at me, belittles me or doesn’t make me help him financially. To anyone who feels like there’s no guy out there who isn’t abusive. There are some good guys out there!! I was single for 1.5 years. I hope this post brings some hope if anyone is still in a bad spot and dealing with this man or any like him. I am not a bitter angry ex of his. I am a survivor of his ways. I can’t undo the trauma and damage or wasted years with him, but I can warn others to be cautious if you encounter him, he is highly charming and has a way of making you feel special in the beginning, but come 7 or 8 months the angry, liar, manipulator, user and abuser comes to light. He is controlling, unattached, emotionless, sex addict, pathological liar.

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