Pepsi Head Megan Dawn

Pepsi Head Megan Dawn. I’ll try and keep this short and to the point.. this girl literally packed up and left her little boy who loved her so much just so she could smoke pepsi and stick needles in her arms and sleep with random old men for money to support her habit. She lies and steals and will hurt whoever just to get what she wants/needs. And what’s really fuked up is that she really doesn’t care! She has one of her sisters and her mom really believing that she’s just going through a hard time and have them feeling bad for her and they are always sticking up for her but they and everyone else need to fuking realize SHE DOESN’T CARE!! she left her son for drugs! She hasn’t seen him for months she barley even calls or texts to check up on him! And she’s been doing this for what 2 years now! She wants to be out selling her a55 for drugs way more then she wants to be a mother and the sooner that some of you realize that the sooner you can stop making excuess for the disgusting and hurtful shit she is doing to people. Most people know who junkie Megan really is I sure do because we lived together only for 3 months but in that 3 months she stole money from me she stole some of my clothing and some other small belongings our other roommates had things go missing and things stop going missing once she was gone…. she acted proud that she had sex for money laughing about letting a man piss all over her for $100 among lots of other nasty sh1t she would tell people that didn’t know her that she had no kids she’s so far into drugs that she would go days without taking a shower to the point where you could smell BO sitting next to her this is someone who has sex with sometimes 5-6 men in a day for money and doesn’t shower for days… and I know all this sounds harsh but people need to start fucking getting it! And they need to stop letting her take of advantage and stealing from people and making people feel bad for her because the truth is Megan only cares about herself and drugs! And the sooner people know the truth the sooner they can stop babying her and see how munipulating she is! LIKE SHE FUKING ABANDONED HER LITTLE BOY!!! and she so ungrateful to the people that are doing the right thing and takeing care of him and loving him.. lucky this little boy has a good dad and the dads girlfriend had stepped up and has become the mother that he really needed. He started calling her mom becuase that’s what she has become to him.. and does Megan care?? Of coarse not! She has every opportunity to get clean and change her life around but SHE DOESN’T WANT TOO! Hopefully this will shed some light so people can get it! If Megan gets the chance to take something from you she will take it.

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