Kayla Beaman — Aka Cayla Oakley

This is Kayla Beaman aka Cayla Oakley .. she’s the worst of them all, she has lost custody of her kids several times for every reason possible. She does more drugs then anyone I have ever met if she doesn’t have a pill or coke to sniff then she goes off. PERIODT! She steals anything and everything from stores just to feed her addiction. Her kids running up and down the street all hours of the night by their self, but all her kids are all under the age of 7… she fucks everyone’s men, bullies everyone.. the biggest bully ever. She even does her own so called bestfriends dirty she has no loyalty to ANYONE… hide ya men hide ya purses hide ya kids toys !! Check her purse before she leaves around you or her pockets .. one time she stole a half eating chicken leg from my house. I mean she’s fat as fuk I wasn’t surprised but really? I fed it to my dog and she still took it… anyway she smells really bad too ugly as fuk when she talks she spits everywhere yellow teeth PURE TRASH SHE IS .. her dad has custody of her 3 kids and apparently her dad is a pedofile !!!! Sneaking cameras in his woman’s shower watching her kids and kaylas kids… the whole family is trash! They are canceled all 2020.. when will ya ever get your sh1t together CAYLA? She doesn’t think anyone knows she don’t have custody of her kids but we all know.. I feel sorry for them kids. She yells and beats them when they don’t listen to her just so she can get high … this b1tch is pure trash!

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