Jenna Robicheau — Gold Digging Cheat Theif And Liar Beware !!!

This is Jenna Robicheau, she is the worst human I’ve ever met, she made me feel insecure because of my own traumas, shes verbally abusive likes to take what she wants, for 10+ years she was cheating on her ex with me, I lived next door hes a douchebag always fishing always gone, I took care of her needs and she took care of me, until it wasn’t enough, the whore cleaned me out said she needed help going back to school because she has to make a life for herself and the kids she has to raise because she won’t let her ex see them because he’s moved on the reserve and she’s sour about that, she has me and it makes me so mad I gave her everything and all she gave me was bad self anxiety and an itch that won’t go away, she says she never cheated in her life, who admits to cheating right, im only seeing this now as she tears down other people calling them pathetic and telling them they will wish they lied on their claims to get more money. She’s sold almost everything her ex bought for her and for the kids, everything is up for sale to get rid of it, if he paid 200$ for that ill give you 20bucks and she’s all over it, she believes she’s entitled to whatever she wants and can get away with anything no reprocussion, shes “never been caught” if you sleep with her YOU catch something she says its your fault and doesn’t even get it treated.. i don’t know why I wasted so much time believing her lies, mommy isn’t far and is just as bad.

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