Jason Johnson — Cheater. Liar. Narcissistic. Manipulative A55

This sorry excuse for a man is still doing the same dirt he’s been doing for years. Refuses to grow up at the age of 46. His ex knew he was cheating, but he continually lied about and said he wasn’t. Swore up and down that he would never hurt her like that. Was that a fuking joke. He blamed everything on her, trying to make her out to be crazy for accusing him of being unfaithful. He was cheating on her the entire time. He can’t take accountability for his own actions. He is a child, and bounces from one female to the next. He is as selfish as they come. The only thing he cares about is sticking his d1ck in the next available pu55y. You lying piece of sh1t, I hope you rot in hell for all of your lies and manipulations. Karma is a b1tch and you will get yours motherfuker.

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