Colin Lowe — Two Faced guy

Colin Lowe — Two Faced guy. Alright so first things first, so I like blackmailing my friends and then when they call me out on it! I get upset and punch and beat my mom just for fun because I’m mad at myself. I’ve dated every gay guy in Truro who was willing to go out with me then use them, put them through the ringer and blame all my problems on them. If you’re 26+ and are a rich or upper class man I’ll move in with you, wreak your home and family and take you all you’ve got even though I’m barely 18 (I’ve done this multiple times works like a charm). I lie and twist things around about my friends to make myself look better even if that means running them out of my life. Did I also mention I had to leave Truro because of my tarnished reputation (yah I know it’s hard to do). Any long term friend I’ve had I’ve manipulated and emotionally drained with the projection of my own issues that I’m not willing to work on!

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