Anj Anj Ajilique — Eats Any Mans Gregs For Pills

Anj Anj Ajilique — Eats Any Mans Gregs For Pills. This female is reckless, highly known for passing around drds, not only that she sleeps with everyone’s men and has the nerve to brag about it. She is addicted to drugs and crushes any pill she can find and snorts it. She can’t keep employment she gets fired for everything under the sun. She is a call girl and working girl for some known people and outs them all the time. She is a disgusting human being and owes thousands of dollars In debt. Her nostrils must hurt from the pills and blow and chemicals she snorts. Her vagina at that is gross she has so much scar tissues and pimples all over her bum. She smells bad she has trichomoniasis and vaginosis and gets chronic Yeast infections. Hide from her.

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