Queen Scuzz Bagg Christy “Dome Up Half The Flatts” Daigle

Nik, I dont even know where to begin with this trailer park slugg butt, she’s been passed around to just about every dune-monkey in the Flatts. She calls them her “Relationships”, but really she just hops from Dic to Dic depending on who’s her sponsor is for the week. She was ducking around with this little hobbit of a lame , who’s family had money, and let Toad Boy hit it till she got pregnant, what a mistake that was. Shes tried to get knocked by any Dic that was dumb enough to get thrown down that Hallway of a filthy rat snatch she calls a puss. Turns out her savior was nothing more than a worthless junkie she got off the Pepsi when she got prego I’ll give her that, because having a crotch goblin that was anything like Mrs. 2 Ballz Dingle in her mouth Daigle, idk if the world was ready for another cum dump. . Eventually she pushed out her little hobbit spawn, and got to working on being a “Family”. Unfortunately for litte what’s its name, both the kids parents are complete lying degenerates. To support BD drug habit she once again started having “relationships”. She’s been plugged with more sticks than beavers dam. Honestly it’s hard for me to imagine Truth is it’s hard for anyone to imagine how someone with such a good upbringing could turn out to be such a worthless cun….Ohh wait forgot we are talking about Mrs. C. Cvm Drizzle….No she’s just about where everyone figured she would be ,still hopping from one Dic to the other like she’s a ducking human pogo stick. So guys if you are interested in having a kid with This dumb skank, I’m sure at this point she would gladly go down on anyone for a couple items off the dollar menu from Micky D’s. Please Daigle do everyone a favor and lace up them dirty things you call ovaries before another one falls out. The Dirty Daigle.

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